Shift Your Mindset to Win

I am a strong believer that success, happiness, and goal setting begin with a healthy mindset. Your mindset and belief system affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you.  If you want to start living life on a new level, then you will need to make some crucial mindset shifts.

In order to achieve your goals, your mindset needs to match your aspirations. Get clear on what you want, set a goal and make a plan to achieve it. It’s important to have clear direction and know what you are doing.

You have many things that are very important to success (whatever your success is to you).  Success is a process, with a purpose.  The process boils down to how you spend your time towards the achievement of your goals.

Therefore, how we think largely determines our destiny.  Our destiny is found on the way, not at the end of the road.

However, going after your dreams is not always easy, yes sometimes hard. Oftentimes, it will take way longer than expected and it will be really, really tough. If you keep staring at the end-goal and comparing where you are at right now, you will find it extremely difficult to keep going and not give up.

Love the process more than the outcome.

What is a process?  A series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end. A process is marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.  PERIOD! (Merriam-Webster)



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How to turn youR dreams into reality

1. Believe It

To achieve a big dream you need to believe in it yourself. It sounds simple, but so many people pursue a dream they feel is too big for them or is really just unachievable. The very first step to achieving your big dream is believing that it is possible. 

2. Take Daily Actions

Dreaming is nothing without action. Take daily actions to turn your big dream into reality. No matter how small, every action you take gets you one step closer to your big dream, and every day you take action you build momentum. A small action every day might not feel significant at the time, but over time little things add up. Just imagine what you could achieve in a year if you did one small thing every single day to move toward your big dream!

3. Put a Time Frame to It

Time flies, and if you haven’t got a set time frame on something, the hours, days, weeks and months can easily escape you. Put a time frame on your big dream to keep yourself moving and accountable. The best way to do this is to set a launch date and then work backwards, setting specific dates to reach milestones along the way.

4. Dream Big and Vividly

Everything starts with dreaming big! Imagine the most amazing incarnation of your dream and dream that. Make it real by imagining what it would feel like to achieve it. What would your life be like as a result? How would you feel every day?

5. Ignore the Naysayers

Whenever you pursue a big dream there will always be naysayers who will tell you it can’t be done. They might be your friends and family, but just because you hold them dear to your heart doesn’t mean they are right. Often when people say something can’t be done it’s only because in their personal experience it hasn’t been possible. Don’t listen to them; you are a unique individual with the drive, motivation and ability to achieve your big dream.

6. Share Your Dream with Others

Don’t keep your big dream locked away, share it with others. While not everyone will get on board with it, there will be those who do, and these people can be a huge help to you in achieving your dream. The people who believe in you will boost you up when you are down, keep you motivated and inspired, and put you in touch with the right people when you need it most.

7. Expectations

It’s tough not to have expectations when you’re working toward a big dream. After all, your vision of the future, with its implicit expectations, is what is guiding you. The thing is though, there are so many twists and turns on the way to achieving a big dream that rigid expectations can really trap you. Relax and believe and you’ll set yourself free to pursue your big dream without the weight of disappointment when certain things along the road don’t go exactly to plan.

8. Adopt an Inevitability Mind-set

An inevitability mind-set is all about knowing that it is just a matter of time before you achieve your big dream. It’s not about if, it’s about when. When you work with an inevitability mind-set, success is imminent and your drive, motivation and work reflects it. The inevitability mind-set is powerful because it has the potential to shift your whole perspective.

9. Make Room for Your Big Dream

For your big dream to flourish, you need to make room for it in your life. You need to clear out everything that no longer serves you and make the time and space to work on your big dream. This might mean clearing other commitments friends and family members too.

10. Keep the Momentum Going

The most important step to achieving a big dream is keeping the momentum going. Every day that you take action toward achieving your big dream you build your momentum and get one step closer. Once you’ve got momentum on your side you become an unstoppable force and success becomes imminent.

Goals & Goal Setting

What are goals? What is goal setting?

The object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. GOAL

Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the result you desire.


Without goals, we would just drift along. Goal setting allows us to be proactive, instead of just being reactive.

For effective goal setting, you need to do more than just decide what you want to do; you also have to work at accomplishing whatever goal you have set for yourself.

We can think of a goal as doing the following:

  • Defines the destination
  • Changes the direction to move toward the destination
  • Changes the mindset to adjust to and support the new direction
  • Creates the necessity to develop specific tactics

Goals tend to change your mind-set by changing your focus. And as your focus changes, it takes your thinking with it.

What we are today is the product of our past. By that, I mean our previous thoughts and actions determine, to a large extent, what kind of people we become. Those who act wisely now will have insight in the future to make judicious decisions. Set Goals.... they will Com2pass.