What People Are Saying...


At the end of February 2015 I started working with Datrice. The first thing we did while working together was our vision board. I had so much fun creating a vision and placing it on a board that I could look at every day to keep my vision alive. I placed my board beside my bed so that it would be the first thing I looked at each morning. She gave me the tools I needed to start making my vision a reality. We would have weekly phone calls to catch up and talk about my visions and goals. I started writing my goals out and putting dates on when I expected things to happen. One of my goals was to get married. I set a date of April 2015 to be with the man I wanted to be with and to eventually marry him. On my vision board I had a picture of us around things pertaining to marriage. In April 2015, I was reunited with that person and we got married May 7, 2015.

I could not have done it without the help of Datrice and the skills and tools she taught me when it came to goal-setting and making my visions and dreams a reality. She has truly been an inspiration to me and has become one of my biggest supporters. It was an honor to have her attend my marriage ceremony. I will be eternally grateful for the help and support she provided me and the confidence in me to go after what I wanted.

One last thing on my vision board I had a picture of a house and that house is located in Texas, my family and I will be relocating to Texas in just a few short weeks!

-Stacey Harris, Com2Pass Client